DISH Network Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Dish?

Dish is an American direct broadcast satellite service provider that provides satellite television, audio programing, and interactive television services to commercial and residential customers in the U.S. The company provides services to over fourteen million subscribers. The company’s main service is satellite television. Viewers can choose from a list of service bundles. The more channels the bundle has the more the viewer will have to pay. Dish offers the best programming at the best value and provides the most HD and International programming in the U.S. The Dish network is designed to provide an entertaining system that is easy to use. The company has done exactly that by making DVRs that are known to be the most customer-friendly in the industry.

What is Hopper and what does it offer me?

There is no other Whole-Home HD DVR like the Hopper! It is the most advanced DVR in the industry. The Hopper can automatically record primetime television on the four major networks. With the Hopper you can record up to six different shows at the same time. You can also store up to 2,000 hours of your favorite TV shows.

The Hopper’s newest feature, AutoHop allows you to effortlessly skip commercials during recorded primetime TV. This feature makes the Hopper the most technically advanced and consumer-friendly Whole-Home HD DVR.
What is Sling?

In 2013, at the Consumer Electronics Show, Dish announced an updated version of the Hopper that includes a Slingbox place-shifting technology built in. Sling allows you to watch live and recorded TV online or from a free Dish mobile app. The app enables you to watch live and recorded programs straight from your smart phone or tablet. The app also gives you the ability to “fling” the content from these devices to your TV.

What is Blockbuster At Home?

Dish has joined with Blockbuster in order to offer customers a vast selection of movies, TV shows, and games. The Blockbuster pass gives you access to over 100,000 movies, shows, and games delivered to your door and thousands of movies online and on demand.  The pass also includes 20 great channels, including Starz, Cinema EPIX, Sony Movie Channel, and Palladia. The pass also enables you stream thousands of movies to your TV, computer, or tablet. The Blockbuster pass is offered to you free for the first 3 months.

How is the Customer Service?

Unlike other entertainment provides, Dish provides 24/7 customer service. You can call Dish anytime day or night and they will be there to assist you. Another option is to talk to one of the Dish chat agents online. In May 2012, Dish Network was ranked second among all American television providers by The American Customer Satisfaction Index.