Multiple Accounts

If you would like to add one or more accounts to your ACN Account Management, contact ACN Customer Care and one of our associates will assist you in adding the other accounts to your current User Name. Please do not go through the ACN Account Management registration process if you want to have a current User Name manage more than one account.

If I have multiple accounts managed by my User Name. How do I view the different information for each account?
If you have linked more than one account to your ACN User Name, you will see an account number drop-down box found near the top of every page when you log in. Select the account number for which you wish to access the information.
I just added another telephone number to my account. Why is it not showing up in my online account?
If you just ordered an additional telephone number, it is currently in the order process. Within ACN Account Management, only telephone numbers that are active or disconnected within the past 30 days are accessible. If this additional line is on another account than what you have registered, you will need to contact ACN Customer Care to have this account added to your online account.
How can I add more accounts to my ACN Account Management?
The ACN Account Management is designed for residential and business customers. Once you have established your first account with an ACN User Name and Password, contact ACN Customer Care and one of our associates will assist you in linking additional accounts to the same Account Manager User Name.
I have more than one ACN Account Management User Name. How do I combine them?
You need only ACN Account Management account. Call ACN Customer Care to link accounts.
Why aren’t all of my accounts showing up when I log into my ACN Account Management?
Only the account which you registered with will be displayed when you log into your ACN Account Management. To add additional accounts to your ACN Account Management, please contact ACN Customer Care for further assistance.


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