There are specific technical limitations of self-installation. If any of the scenarios below apply to you, you will need to pay for a professional installation. ACN will send a technician to your home or business to complete the installation.

  1. Do you have a security or health monitoring alarm connected to your phone line? If you have one of these devices connected directly to your phone line, meaning that it is not plugged into a phone jack, you will need a Professional Installation.
  2. Do you have more than five devices connected to your phone line? If you have more than five devices (telephones, fax machines, satellite or cable box, etc.) connected to your phone line, you must have a Professional Installation.
Do customers need any special technical knowledge to use High Speed Internet?

No! ACN High Speed Internet comes with a self-installation kit that has easy instructions for installing the service. Once it’s installed, the ACN High Speed Internet connection is "always on." Customers must just open their browser or email software and they’re ready to go.

After I have ordered High Speed Internet service, how do I check to see when the service will be installed and working?

ACN will update customers on the status of their order via email. Our Technical Support Specialists are available to assist customers if they should have technical or installation difficulty. Complete details and numbers are provided to customers in their High Speed Internet installation kit.

If I have a problem with my initial High Speed Internet service setup, how long will I have to wait to have the service working?

We try to solve problems as quickly as possible. ACN is committed to setting up customers’ High Speed Internet service correctly the first time. We will provide support throughout the installation process until the service is working properly. This commitment includes support if customers are having trouble with the self-installation process.

How long should I expect to wait between the time service is ordered and the time service is installed?

Under normal circumstances, it usually takes about 15-20 days from the time the customer first order their ACN High Speed Internet service until the service is ready for use.

Once High Speed Internet service is installed, will the customer be automatically connected to the Internet?

Yes. As long as their High Speed Internet equipment is plugged in and turned on, they will have around-the-clock, "always on" Internet access.

Why do I need to install filters?

Filters separate the digital High Speed Internet signal and the analog signals used by your phone, fax, or any other equipment connected to the High Speed Internet phone line. Without a filter, you may hear high frequency noise from the signal on your telephone.

Should I install a filter on the phone cord that connects my modem to the phone jack?

No, putting a filter on your modem will block the High Speed Internet signal, and this will prevent your service from working. Filters should only be installed on the devices listed in Step 1 of your installation guide.

When should I use a phone splitter?

If you need to install a phone on the same telephone jack that is used for your modem, you will need to use the splitter with two jacks that are provided in your kit. The installation is made as follows:

  • Plug the splitter into the telephone jack.
  • Plug your phone into the splitter jack called "phone".
  • Plug your modem into the splitter jack called "modem".
  • The filters, or blockers, need to be used on any other phone sharing the line with the High Speed Internet installation, with the exception of the phone jack used with the modem, which requires the use of a splitter.
How do I get additional High Speed Internet filters?

DSL filters - also known as High Speed Internet or DSL blockers, microfilters, or High Speed Internet or DSL phone line filters - are available for purchase at most electronic stores or on the Internet. However, we recommend that you connect a maximum of five phones or devices to your High Speed Internet phone line.

Why are there lights on my modem?

Your High Speed Internet modem has five lights on the front panel. In general, all five lights should be solid green for your computer to access the Internet. If a light is off, check to make sure all of the cables are securely plugged in at both ends. The PPP light will be solid green when a valid username and password is stored in the modem and a connection to your Internet Service Provider is established.

What if the PPP light doesn't turn solid green after I have turned on the modem?

Check that you've hooked up everything correctly and that the power cord is firmly plugged into the modem. You may also want to make sure the electrical outlet is working.

What troubleshooting steps can I do on my own before calling for support?

If your connection to the Internet should stop working, check to make sure that all of the cables are plugged in correctly. If this doesn't fix the problem, shut down your computer and turn off your High Speed Internet modem. Wait a few seconds, then reconnect the power to your modem and turn on your computer. When the PPP light on the modem turns green, launch your Web browser.

Canada Installation Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a Wireless Modem?

The ACN Wireless Modem allows you to build a home network. Multiple devices can communicate with one another over the wireless connection, allowing them to share:

  • ACN Internet connection
  • Files and documents
  • Printers, print servers and scanners
  • Game systems
Please note the ACN Wireless Modem has 4 Ethernet ports for devices with no wireless capability.

How do I log in to my ACN Wireless Modem?

To log in to the ACN Wireless Modem firmware, open a browser window and type into the URL address bar. Press enter.
When you see the authentication window, enter your username and password:
Username: user
Password: password

Select “OK” and you will have access to the modem home page.
How do I enable/disable my wireless?

Log in to the modem firmware. On the home page of the ACN Wireless Modem firmware, select the QuickStart selection from the left-hand navigation panel.
Uncheck the “Enable Wireless” field and select Apply/Save.
Your wireless is now disabled. If you would like to turn it back on, follow the steps above, but check the Enable Wireless field and select Apply/Save.
Note: If you are using two wireless devices (ACN Wireless Modem and a wireless router) we recommend you disable the wireless feature on one of the devices or eliminate your wireless router completely from your home network connection. The ACN Wireless Modem has the same routing capabilities as the average wireless router.

How do I secure my wireless modem network?

Your ACN modem has wireless capabilities built in. To turn on security, open a browser window and type into the address (URL) space, and hit "ENTER." A login window will appear.

Type in "user" for the user name and "password" for the password. You can change this in the modem’s settings. 

Select "Quickstart" from the list on the left side of the window.

Under "Wireless Settings" click on the down arrow beside "Network Authentication." It is set by default to open. ACN recommends WPA.

Type in a network security key of your choice and save the configuration. Choose a phrase that is easy for you to remember (8-63 characters), but difficult for others to guess. Use this same key to setup your wireless access on your laptop computer or other wireless devices.

You may now disconnect the Ethernet cable if desired and use a computer with wireless capabilities to scan for wireless networks. You will see a network named ACNBB. This is your network. Highlight it and click "Connect."

Unsecured wireless modems may allow others to use your Internet connection without your permission. ACN bears no responsibility for unauthorized usage of your Internet service. Please review the Terms & Conditions of your service agreement and the ACN Acceptable Use Policy.

Check this list below for the client that you use and follow the instructions to reconfigure your email client:

If your client is not listed here you may find some help on the Google Help site.
How do I rename my SSID (Wireless Name)?

Log in to the modem firmware. On the home page of the ACN Wireless Modem firmware, select the QuickStart selection from the left-hand navigation panel. On the wireless portion of the page, remove the name on the SSID field and insert the name of your choice. All changes must be followed with the “Apply/Save” button.


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