Configuring Your Router

ACN Video Phones and Phone Adapters are configured for most residential network environments. Some routers and firewalls may affect the device’s ability to access the Internet.

There are many home network routers on the market with multiple configuration options and features. ACN High Speed Internet customers do not require any of the below configurations. Likewise, the ACN recommended router, the Cisco Linksys E1200, does not require any of the below configurations.

For some routers, you may need to configure it to allow your device to function.  For specifics on how to configure your router, refer to the User Manual that came with your router or visit the manufacturer’s website.

Once you have located the router’s User Manual, refer to the section pertaining to Port Triggering, Port Forwarding, DMZ, SPI, ALG, and/or QoS configurations. These may be located under Firewall, Applications & Gaming or Advanced.

Port Triggering or Port Forwarding rules should be configured for UDP Ports 5000-5001, 5065-5066, and 9000-9201.  If Port Triggering or Port Forwarding is not effective, configure your router so the ACN DPS device is in your router’s DMZ. 

It may also be necessary to disable your router’s Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) and Application Layer Gateway (ALG) functionality.
Quality of Service (QoS) should be configured to give your ACN DPS device “Highest” network priority.

If you need assistance with these configurations, please contact ACN Customer Service.  Please have available your router make and model, as well the router’s user name and password, when you call. 

Recommended Router

Routers link to the internet and allow information to flow between devices and networks. With this networking device, you can utilize multiple devices on your network (video phone, computer, gaming device, etc.) without overextending your network. A router is required with the IRIS X Video Phone. Using a router gives you the opportunity to connect your video phone and your computer to the Internet without interruption or delay to your service.

ACN has tested and recommends the Cisco Linksys E1200 Wireless N Router. Available at most major electronic and computer retailers.

Speed Test

Many websites provide free speed tests.  ACN recommends using your current Internet Service Provider’s speed site.  Other recommended speed test sites are: