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Problem Resolution Process

Making a complaint
We strive to provide the best possible service, however if you  are unsatisfied  we want to know so that we can improve and prevent it from occurring again.

What do we mean by a complaint?
A complaint is when you want to tell us that you are not satisfied with our product, service or interaction with us. You should make a complaint when:

  • You think our service is not up to standard.
  • You have not been treated politely.
  • You think we have not followed the correct procedures.
  • A service you have asked for has not been provided and we have not given you a reasonable explanation.

Problem Resolution Process

Step 1: Contact Customer Care
Our Customer Care team is available Monday-Friday 8am-11pm ET and Saturday 9am-8pm. Call 888-383-8226 or use our online ACN Chat Services.

Step 2: Escalate your complaint
If you are not satisfied with the Customer Care response, ask for a supervisor.

Step 3: Contact the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS)
CCTS is an independent agency whose mandate is to resolve complaints of individual and small business customers about their telecommunications services. If you have a complaint about your telephone, wireless, or Internet service, you must first try to resolve it directly with your service provider. If you have done so and have been unable to reach a satisfactory resolution, CCTS may be able to help you, free of charge. To learn more about CCTS, you may visit its website at or call toll-free at 1-888-221-1687.

Step 4: File your complaint in writing
Situation still not resolved? You may write to us at:

ACN Executive Office
P.O. Box 720
Montreal, Station B
Montreal   (Quebec)
H3B 3K3

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