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Who is Planet Energy?

Founded in 2006, Planet Energy started in the business of residential and small commercial energy marketing in British Columbia. Since then, Planet Energy Corp. has partnered with ACN and is constantly growing and expanding into new markets.

Where are you licensed to market natural gas and electricity?

Planet Energy is licensed to market natural gas in Manitoba, British Columbia, Ontario and electricity in Ontario. Furthermore, Planet Energy also markets natural gas to small commercial customers in Quebec.

What is the Customer Choice program?

The Customer Choice program was implemented in British Columbia to give customers the opportunity to choose whether to buy natural gas from independent gas marketers or FortisBC Energy. For more information, download the Customer Choice Standard Information Booklet.

Can I sign up for Planet Energy through ACN anywhere in British Columbia?

Planet Energy service is not in the following areas of British Columbia: Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast, Whistler, Revelstoke and Fort Nelson.

Will I be switching utilities?

You will not be switching utilities. Planet Energy is not affiliated with FortisBC Energy or any local utility. FortisBC Energy will still provide you with the same 24 hour emergency service you've received in the past.

Who do I receive my billing from?

You will continue to receive one utility bill from FortisBC Energy. Planet Energy will appear as a line item on your current bill, as your energy supplier.

When will this program start?

Your application will go through the application process. Planet Energy must notify FortisBC Energy of your new program. Once this process is complete it may be upwards of 90 days before you'll be set up on the program.

What happens if I move before my term ends?

When you move you must contact FortisBC Energy with your new address. Once complete, you must notify Planet Energy of your new address via mail or telephone. See our contact page for details.

Can I cancel the program if I don't like it?

Once receiving your application, FortisBC Energy will send you a confirmation letter. You have the right to cancel your contract, without penalty, within 10 business days of the date on the letter. Please carefully read your terms and conditions for the details.

Can I sign up if I live in an apartment?

Only the account holder or spouse of the account holder may enter in to a contract with Planet Energy. If your landlord, or property management manager receives the utility bills then you are not eligible.

I am currently signed up with another marketer, but I want to sign up with Planet Energy through ACN. What do I do?

If you are currently with another marketer, you may either wait until your contract expires or sign-up with Planet Energy through ACN if your contract is less than 90 days away from completion. You will not be able to sign-up with Planet Energy through ACN until your existing contract with the other marketer expires or is cancelled. Keep in mind that canceling your contract may require you to pay early termination charges, read your terms and conditions for those details.

Do I need to install anything to benefit from your programs?

No. Planet Energy purchases the natural gas on your behalf and supplies it to FortisBC Energy. They then supply it to you through their existing infrastructure.

How much would I be paying if I sign-up with Planet Energy through ACN?

Please refer to our Product Guide or For Business pages for up to date information on our current plans.

What is a "term"?

A term is the length of your contract with Planet Energy.